Sunday, January 27, 2013


Trent and I bought an iMac yesterday off craigslist! Woo hoo!

The dude that we bought it from, Dave, forgot to sign out of his iMessage, so while Trent was setting up the computer, I got a text that said "Hey sweet cheeks" from Dave's gmail account. Extremely creepy. Turns out it was my husband, messing around on our new computer.

Lucky for us, our iMac already had Photoshop Elements installed! I'm new to photo editing, so I'm happy to start with a less intimidating program. If anyone would like to give me lessons on how to appropriately enhance a photo, I am all ears! I generally make everyone in the photo look really orange or something then get frustrated and put it back to the way it was originally taken.

And now, a photo story of our evening...

First shot with the new webcam!

Havin' a blastie!

Makin' out

Laughin' at the last caption
...and then it hit us.

A scent that was just as repulsive as it was familiar...PUPPY POOP!!

I'm going to throw up.

THE CULPRIT! Gracie Belle Raines strikes again.

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