Saturday, February 2, 2013

New Furniture!

Last week we went to Nebraska Furniture Mart. Trent was absolutely appalled at the cost of a simple couch and chair. Really anything we looked at was "ridiculously priced." Considering basically every piece of furniture in our apartment is from craig's list, I was worried we would never, ever, ever get new furniture.

Well I was wrong. Sweetly, pleasantly, wrong. Trent called me today because he found some clearance items that were an additional 50% off at Cargo Largo in Independence, MO. He said he found some things that he thought I would like and I told him to go for it if he thought they were a good price.

Look what he came home with! I am obsessed! He completely understands my style! Awesome husband award goes to TRENT RAINES!

Piece number one was $130 before tax. We looked it up online after we got home and it retails for $1050! Score! I looooove the wood and the uniqueness of the piece. I am also super impressed with the quality....this thing is heavy!

Piece number two was also $130. After looking it up we found it retails for $1700! Normally with rustic looking pieces like this I find that the quality isn't as great. Not with this one! The drawers open super smooth and the wood seems to be great quality as well.

I was so excited about our steals that I decided to share it with you. Happy Saturday night!

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