Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Queen of Toys

Every day I come home from work and EVERY day, EVERY toy gets taken out of the toy bin. Gracie LOVES toys.

Only about half the toy stash is shown in the photo above. The others are spread around the kitchen and all over the rest of the house. It is not uncommon for me to hop out of bed, step on a squeaky toy in the dark and nearly scare myself to death.

Although it is slightly annoying, those toys have done a pretty good job of keeping Gracie from chewing on other things. Like furniture. Or my pants.

I think it's funny that Miniature Pinschers are nicknamed "King of Toys" for their assertive, outgoing personalities (Gracie is a Min Pin/ Shih Tzu mix). They "rule the toy breeds" because they are so dominant. I like to think it's just because they love playing with toys :-)

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