Monday, March 11, 2013

3 Reasons Why I am Mad at my Husband

Friday afternoon I get a text from Trent...

Reason #1 why I am mad at my husband:
He forgot to tell me he will be gone for an entire week.

And he gave 2 DAYS notice! After this whole little conversation of him having to be in Arkansas, I find out the next day that he has to leave SUNDAY AFTERNOON! So really, it was like 1.5 days notice.

All his undershirts are dirty. Most his dress shirts are at the dry cleaners. We have no suitcases. And I am left to watch our behavior challenged dog by myself. It was a challenge to get everything ready.

Reason #2 why I am mad at my husband:
My side of the bed is cold.

Trent lays in my side of the bed every night to warm it up while I take off my makeup and such. I know, I am ridiculously spoiled. But SINCE HE WILL BE GONE FOR AN ENTIRE WEEK then my sheets remain freezing.

That makes me sound like a priss, but I don't really care. I think it's pretty sweet of him.

Reason #3 why I am mad at my husband:
He sneaks things like chip dip into the fridge without me knowing!

I can't open my fridge, completely unprepared and vulnerable, to find something like this! Trent, if you are reading this, NOT COOL!

I ate ALL of the chips left in the bag last night with this stuff. Ugh.

Even though you are kind of terrible at remembering important dates on your calendar, and you taunt me with deliciously terrible food, I still love you. A lot.

And I forgive you. Even though Gracie is shredding up a piece of mail as we speak.

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