Monday, March 18, 2013

Altar'd State

I was window shopping at Zona Rosa in Kansas City with my friend Lucy last week and wandered into a new store called "Altar'd State".

Our immediate response was "this store looks like a pinterest board" haha. Everything is stinkin' adorable.

After seeing crosses and bibles and my FAVORITE book, Jesus Calling, we realized "Hey! This is a christian fashion store!"

Cute Clothes, accessories + Christian books, decor, bibles, scripture  = basically my dream!

This photo from Altar'd Blog
So this is my new favorite store. There's only about 25 in the nation (only 2 in Missouri, none in Kansas) so it looks like there probably won't EVER be one in Topeka! :-(

Prices are boutique-type, so about $30 for a shirt which is high for me. If I hit a sale I'm thinking I could afford it a little easier.

Altar'd State -Stand out for good. Love that!

Check it out!


  1. Katie,
    I am the manager at Altar'd State in Zona Rosa. I stumbled across your blog post, and this is so sweet! Thank you!
    I was looking to email you but couldn't find any contact info. If you wouldn't mind, could you email me at ?
    Thank you so much Katie, and have a great day!! :-)

  2. Katie, they just opened up a location in Columbia mall. It was like total deja vu. I was window shopping, went in and had a lot of the same feelings, then remembered your post. Such a cool place!


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