Saturday, March 2, 2013

Chicken and Waffles

Here is photographic evidence that Trent and I are not health nuts. I wanted to make sure I wasn't giving you guys the wrong idea making posts only on health conscious foods and such (Examples here and here).

I got to use my flipping waffle maker for these. FUN!
We eat healthy when we can, but we don't deprive ourselves from delicious things like chicken and waffles. Just wanted to get that straight.

This weekend I got to go to Good Juju with  my sister and mother in-law. Good Juju is an antique/vintage warehouse located in the West Bottoms in KC.

It's only open one weekend a month and I always forget about it, so I was excited they invited me to go hunting with them! It's more like a hunt because the place looks like this....

Pure chaos. And I love it. No finds this weekend, but lots of inspiration!

I got to do a little shopping with my sister Melody tonight too. I've got some brown boots that I have literally worn to the ground that need to be replaced.

Dillards has this sale every year where all of their nice leather boots go 40% off already clearanced prices. That means you are getting real leather boots for $40 that are originally $200. Ya, it's awesome.

Well, it wasn't so awesome this year because EVERYTHING WAS SOLD OUT! :-( So, so sad. I did get this leather studded bracelet for $3 though!

And it can't be a real weekend without Gracie destroying our house. I can't even tell you what she tore up because it's just gone.

Happy March!!

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  1. Ok, what is up with the chicken and waffles craze? My parents had Chicken and Waffle Lays Potato Chips when I got home this weekend!!


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