Sunday, March 24, 2013

Our Weekend in St Louis

We got to visit our friend Aaron in St Louis this weekend!

Aaron was in our wedding as one of Trent's groomsmen. The 3 of us spent a lot of time in college together. Like a lot of time. I miss those days so it was fun to relive them!

The drive from KC to St Louis is about 4 hrs so we got in late on Friday after work.

We went shopping most of the day on Saturday! Eee!

I should have bought this apron. Trent is infamous for his "backseat driving" in the kitchen.

"Your opinion is not in the recipe." How appropriate!
I also should have bought this pillow....

Those poor boys sat on benches basically all day while I looked in pretty much every store at the St Louis Galleria. What troopers!

I love the man in the background in a full-on neon orange jump suit. HAHA. No shame!
For lunch we ate at a place called "cheese-ology" (a mac-and-cheese restaurant) and all of your food is served in a baby skillet. I love miniature things!

Luckily the baby skillet was deceiving and it was actually super filling. 

We did some snacking, of course. I haven't seen BBQ corn nuts in a looong time, so I had to buy them because of my memories sharing them with my bff practically every day in elementary school.

They are also the loudest and crunchiest snack in the world. Perfect for annoying the crud out of everyone else in the car.

We ate lots of good food, went to the movies, chilled at Aaron's house then went to bed because we are old and can't stay up as late as we used to.

Sunday morning!

Kissin' my boo! 
St Louis got about 6 inches of snow overnight. NOT FUN. Trent graciously cleaned off our car.

And I stood outside for moral support with a sweatshirt tied around my head to keep my hair dry.

For the first part of our trip home we had to go less than 40 mph. TERRIBLE.

I was proud of Trent for driving in such a stressful situation for 6 HOURS. Love him.

We probably saw a total of 75 cars on the side of the road.

We went with Trent's choice of restaurant for dinner...Golden Corral. OF COURSE.

At least they had cotton candy.

We made it to KC and picked up our little munchkin from grandma Raines' house where she has been playing with her uncle Hankie all weekend (Hankie, the dog).

She is pooped. We are pooped. And now we are going to watch Matilda on Netflix, because the molten chocolate cake at Golden Corral reminded me of the scene where the principle makes Bruce eat an entire chocolate cake.

I wish someone would punish me by making me eat cake.

And that's our weekend!

I am still behind publishing some blog posts but wow life is just moving too quick! My last day at Cerner is this Friday and we get the keys to our house in a week! Eee!

Love you guys! Thanks for reading!

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