Friday, March 8, 2013

The Day I Locked My Dog in the Car

This week has been absolutely exhausting both mentally and physically. Work was hard. Marriage was hard. Getting things done was hard. Having a puppy was hard. Ugh.

Glad that I was able to take vacation time from work today to clear my head and get some things done.

During part of my errands, I took Gracie to Petco and then dropped off Trent's dry cleaning at HyVee. I was struggling to keep Gracie in the car without her darting out the door.

In a scurry I kind of threw her in and quickly shut the door behind me. I looked back and realized...


Of course I didn't leave the doors unlocked. My dog is now locked IN MY CAR and I do not have a key.

Worst parent award goes to me! No one let me babysit their kids!! I am dangerous!

Luckily I did have my cell phone, so I called a locksmith.

Our conversation was pretty embarrassing.

Me: "Hi, I locked my keys in my car and I was wondering if you could come unlock it."
Guy: "Ok, where are you located?"
Me: "Uh...HyVee"
Guy: "Which one?"
Me: "I don't know. The one by Gordmans?"
...long pause
Guy: "What is Gordman's?" (It's basically a clothing/home good store in case anyone is wondering)
Me: "Whoops sorry. It's right by Panera."
...long pause again
Me: "Ok sorry it's actually on North Oak and Englewood. I had a mind blank there for a minute."
Guy: "Alright we will send somebody out."
Me: "Ok any idea how long it will be? My dog is sort of locked in the car."
Guy: "Your what?"
Me: "My dog...she is in there and I can't get her out. She is kind of panicking."
...long pause again
Guy: "Ok see you in 20 minutes."

So I stood outside my car for 20 minutes while Gracie jumped and scratched the windows while whining and howling. I kind of wondered what was going on in her head- Probably lots of hate words towards me.

SORRY I'M A BAD PARENT! You are sometimes THE WORST dog, so I guess we are even.

I still did feel bad though.

The locksmith got there and broke into my car with a long stick. Gracie tried to bite it the whole time.

This burly locksmith actually kind of liked her though.

Gracie jumped all over him when he got the door open. It was funny to see this tatted up 40-something man holding my tiny dog with a ridiculous jeweled collar on.

And the WORST part about this story is that it cost $60 TO UNLOCK MY CAR! There went all my shopping money for the some.

Free at last!


  1. awww poor Gracie! I do love your comment on her being bad so that makes it "even." haha!


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