Monday, April 15, 2013

Beauty Brands $7.98 Hairspray

There are basically 2 times a year when I go to Beauty Brands:
August-ish: annual shampoo/conditioner liter sale 
March-ish: annual $7.98 hairspray sale

I wish I could tell you I got the most amazing hairspray ever, but this year was a little bit of a flop.

Matrix Vavoom Extra-Full Freezing Spray 
This smells like fruity bubble gum + chemicals + barf. I don't understand. It got great reviews online but I literally cannot stand smelling it all day.

The hold itself was decent though. If I sprayed in the morning, I had a little bit of hold left by the end of the day. The Vavoom line is normally a really quality product, I just could not get past the scent. Don't buy it!

Catwalk Sleek Mystique Look-Lock Hairspray
Call me crazy but I didn't really care for this scent either. It was kind of perfume-y. 

I prefer a lighter hold when I scrunch my hair, so this worked great when I needed a little hold that wouldn't weigh down my curl. If you like the scent, you might want to check this one out. As for me, I probably won't buy it again. 

AG Hair Cosmetics Ultradynamics Extra-firm Spray
This was by far my favorite. The hold is awesome for fine hair and doesn't get super sticky like others do (Example of a sticky spray would be Big Sexy Hairspray...which holds well but sticks to my skin and makes me break out :-( )

The scent is just a hairspray-type smell, but isn't strong enough to be annoying. The original price is $17.98, so I definitely won't buy it again unless it were on sale.

Get crazy at the Beauty Brands $7.98 hairspray sale here!


We are still putting away boxes and random stuff after our move. I will reveal more of our home when we get a little more settled in. In the meantime, you get a sneak peak of our living room in the pictures above! So much gray!

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