Sunday, April 28, 2013

Gracie Belle, the Coffee Addict

One day I was making coffee and Gracie started whining and BEGGING to get some.

It was pretty odd so I let her taste some later when I was almost through with my cup. She gulped it down!

Ever since, she begs for coffee EVERY SINGLE MORNING. She doesn't just beg, she acts like she is tripping without it. Like a straight up crack addict.

I looked online to see if dogs can drink coffee and unfortunately they aren't supposed to have it because of the caffeine. Otherwise I would give it to her every day because I think it's cute :-)

Some photos from this morning...

Absolutely relentless.

We maybe gave in a little to Gracie's crack habits today.

Thank you God for this little munchkin and all of her quirks to keep us entertained!

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