Thursday, April 18, 2013

Home Makeover: Our Living Room

Today I'm going to share some before and afters of our new living room! We have had a rough last couple of days with moving chaos, me getting a nasty cold, then my grandmother passing away. There are portions of the room that are still not complete, so consider our current photos "progress" :-)

I've decided to make a series out of all of the improvements we are making. I'm calling it Home Makeover! Woo hoo!

Just a few reminders:
-We are renters, not home owners. We plan to live here for several years but don't want to invest lots of money into a home this is not ours. We are looking for cheap, quick ways to improve without any major modifications.
-This home is about 100 years old -It is not perfect! (And I kind of like that!)

Here is our living room BEFORE.

It's definitely not bad. The pictures don't show it well, but the walls were more of a yellow than a tan. I decided I wanted to try a more cool color palette this time around.

After some paint, and moving in all of our stuff, here is our living room AFTER!

I call this my vintage corner :-) I got this wing-backed chair at a thrift store. It has been at my sister's house since it didn't fit into our apartment in Kansas City. I am so glad she kept it for me, because it looks so cute in this house!

The little table next to it is also a thrift store find here in Topeka.

This armoire is a craigslist find. We used it for our TV in our apartment, but now use it for storage.

Our bubble wool gray rug.

I talked about this buffet in this post. It's still my favorite piece!

The wall color is called "Moonshine" by Benjamin Moore. It is actually a really light gray, but it showed up more of a blue color. I am super happy with it!

The built-in bookshelves on the wall still need lots of attention. I did not have enough things to fill it! I'm excited to start hunting for things to put here.

This chest was my hope chest before getting married and starting my own home. I think I will probably keep it forever, I love it so much.

We bought our new sectional at Nebraska Furniture Mart!

The texture is kind of a tweed. It reminds me of my grandma :-)

New curtains -a gift from my mother in law! Love them!

Pottery barn clock, a wedding gift that I love!


All of the doors, hinges and doorknobs appear to be original to when the house was built. I love that!

I think these air vents are beautiful!

A side-by-side before and after:

I think the paint color really brightened up the place! What do you think? Do you have any ideas for me?

Thanks for reading! 


  1. Love it Katie! Looking great! I love the original house charm too!

    1. Laurie that means a lot coming from you :-) Thanks!!


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