Wednesday, April 17, 2013

My Day at the Laundromat

First world pain: I had to go to the Laundromat today.

Did you know it's spelled "laundromat" and not "laundrymat"? I didn't until I tried searching for it on google maps. "What's a laundromat??"

I was in a bad mood about having to stuff 4-5 loads of blankets and towels into my car that we used for moving and cleaning last weekend.

My mood got worse when the first 2 laundromats I visited were super sketch...I haven't really figured out the territories of Topeka yet.

Luckily the 3rd time was a charm. Kind of.

I met a girl there around my age who basically told me her whole life story. Her kitchen caught on fire last October and they lost a lot of their possessions. Now she had an abundance of clothes for her and her children because of donations from the locals.

I kid you not, this girl was doing at least 15 loads of laundry. She filled pretty much every machine in the place.

In between her stories about her house, her kids who don't listen, and her "idiot boyfriend", she smoked some kind of indoor cigarette pen. I was so curious as to what it was but was too embarrassed to ask.

Though we were around the same age, her life seemed so...different. And so very sad. My heart hurt for her as she walked around the place, jittery, as if on drugs.

I got a break from hearing about her life while she talked on the phone with her idiot boyfriend, cussing up a storm about how he was supposed to pick up her kid.

I didn't realize how long I would be waiting for my clothes so I was glad to bring a book: Puppies for Dummies!

I feel like an idiot when it comes to training Gracie. Since I have been home during the day, I have diligently been working with her to be 100% potty trained. Yesterday morning she popped on my new rug and I about had a meltdown.

You know those billboards that say "Never shake a baby"? The moment I saw Gracie pooping on my rug, I just wanted to shake her! Like a mad woman! WHY. DO. YOU. POOP. ON. MY. FLOOR!?!?

Luckily I contained that surge of pure anger and patiently and quietly placed her outside while I cleaned up the mess. NOT. I ran down the stairs yelling "NOOOO!!!!!!!" and grabbed her and rushed her outside.

Sigh. Lots of patience for me to learn!

Anyway, back to the Laundromat...

Talking to this girl softened my heart to understand that we all have stories of trial, some more consuming than others. Her trials made mine seem so insignificant. Who cares if I have to drive a few miles to do laundry!

I left there learning a really basic lesson: I am ridiculously privileged to have always had a washer and dryer in my home (college dorms included).

Not only that, but I am ridiculously privileged to get into a WARM, DRY car and come to a WARM, DRY building where I get to use CLEAN water for washing and guess what else? I get to use a machine that DRIES MY CLOTHES FOR ME!

Imagine how many people in the world get to use a machine that dries clothing for you so you don't have to wait for it? That's just lazy! Air dries anything! And it's free!

My folded, clean towels and blankets

I don't have plans to not use a dryer. In fact, Trent is planning to set ours up this week. But it is really great to put things into perspective sometimes. It's good to remind yourself that YOU ARE PRIVILEGED.

When we consume our lives with the insignificant, we lose sight of the many blessings that God has set before us. He loves you and has blessed you.

I will thank Him today!


  1. Katie this post is really near and dear to my heart. Right now, my clothes are washed by hand and dried by air... but not because I can't afford to do otherwise. Because it gives someone a job to do it for me. Perspective

  2. Sam, that is so cool! I love how something so simple can change our perspective in such a drastic way! Miss you and love you!


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