Monday, April 22, 2013

Our Neighborhood

A few days ago some beautiful red tulips popped up in our lawn. Last Saturday we were walking all over the very ground they miraculously sprouted from.

I just don't understand how they grew so quickly!

Some more surprise flowers in our lawn!

And speaking of flowers, there is a flower shop only about 4 houses down from us on the corner. How cute is that!?

Catty-corner our house is a beautiful stone church. It rings church bells several times a day. I love that sound!

Next to the church is a park with a gazebo, baseball field and jungle gym. I have been asked several times since moving to Topeka "What park is your house by?" I love how people determine where you live by the park in the middle of your neighborhood.

So from our front porch you can see a flower shop, a church, and a park. I know, it sounds ridiculously quaint!

Our neighborhood is full of cute old houses. Lots have been fixed up, but a lot have not. Here are a few of the fixer-upers that I find adorable!

This one is for sale! :-)

Again, not every home looks like this, but they sure do add value to the community! 

Cute right?

Now on to my new favorite part about our Topeka neighborhood...Little Free Libraries!!

People put these adorable little "libraries" in front of their house to encourage reading and sharing books. So far I have seen 3-4 in our neighborhood.

I just find this concept so stinkin' adorable! I went to the LittleFreeLibrary's website to learn more about it. It may be too much for me to invest in right now, but I hope to get one of these in my front lawn someday -regardless of where I live!

We spent some time at a neighboring park that had a seesaw.

Gracie didn't mind the seesawing too much :-)

Spring bench?

Kid at heart :-)

Gracie Belle goes down the slide!

So there is a little bit about our neighborhood! Topeka may not be so bad after all! :-)

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