Sunday, April 21, 2013

Our Weekend in Pictures

What a weekend! We were much busier than normal, so I have a lot of photos to share.

We spent Friday night and Saturday with my family in Kansas City for my grandmother's funeral. It was a sad time, but a joy to celebrate her life. I was thankful to see my siblings home from college and together for the weekend.

I wore my grandmother's tango dress from the 1970's to the funeral in remembrance of her. She picked up dancing as a hobby when she was in her 50's! What a go-getter!

We gave Gracie a shave and she now looks like a pure-bred miniature pinscher! Where did all of her wiry hair go!? :-)

Trent took me golfing. Between the countless number of whiffs and divots, we finished a whole 9-hole round with me only losing 1 ball. That is seriously a miracle!

This was only my second time golfing. I know I was embarrassingly bad but Trent was SO patient with me. I, however, got pretty frustrated with me. "KATIE! STOP MISSING THE BALL!!!"

We shopped in the light bulb section of Sutherland's for a solid 20 minutes. Trent compared every brand on annual electric bill + number of hours + cost of light bulb. That's my engineer.

Nothing like a kindergarten lunch for dinner!

Yes, I know I drew a really deformed-looking dinosaur.

There is a Diary Queen within a mile of our house. We have already been there too much. Dipped cones are our FAVORITE!

And that's our weekend! How was your weekend!? I would love to hear about it!

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