Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Day I Delivered Diapers to the WRONG HOUSE

I have shared a lot of embarrassing moments on this blog (two examples here and here). Here is another, just for your enjoyment....

The Day I Delivered Diapers to the WRONG HOUSE

So about a month ago, right after the big snow storm hit Kansas City, I was going to deliver some diapers to a friend with twins. I planned to drop them off at her house before a family birthday party.

She sent me her address and I went on my way -Trent in the passenger seat and Gracie Belle on his lap.

We got there and I find a spot between some gigantic piles of snow. The driveway is full of cars, which was no surprise, since they were about to have a family party.

I stack the boxes of diapers and wipes and try my best not to fall on my face walking in my sweater boots (easier said then done -just ask Trent how many times he has seen me fall in those things).

I get to the front door and knock, holding that tower of diapers/wipes I can barely see over. It's cold, that stuff is heavy and it takes them a while to answer.

A guy I don't recognize opens the door, holding back 2 gigantic pitbulls.

Relieved, I drop the diapers and wipes on the inside of the house and step in. I'm like "Hey! These are for the twins!"

I look up and see a room FULL of 20 somethings, most with beers in their hands, STARING at me!

No one says a word so I say it again..."These are for the twins?"

They are all looking around at each other trying to figure out who ordered diapers to be delivered to their house. OBVIOUSLY NO ONE!

Girl: "Um...we don't have twins here."
Me: "Are you serious!?"
Girl: "Ya, I'm sorry!"

She said I'm sorry like she felt embarrassed for me. I start to sweat a little bit and I can feel warmth in my face as my cheeks flush over.

Me: "Are guys messing with me!?"
Girl: "Haha no, are you sure you are at the right place *lists address*?"

I check my pockets for my phone. NOPE. Left it in the car.

Me: "I think that's the address I had? You guys for real aren't messing with me!? There really are no twins here!?"

At this point people are laughing. I mean how often does some rando show up at your door insisting that twins live in your house and try to give you diapers.

Guy: "Yes! This is my house and we definitely have no children."
Another Guy: "This is hilarious."
Me: "Ya, this is kind of unbelievable. Well, hey! I'm Katie!"

There were lots of hellos and more laughing. I figured it literally could not get more awkward than it currently was, so why not laugh at yourself too?

Guy: "Sorry we don't have twins!"
Me: "It's cool. Sorry I tried to drop diapers off at your house."
Guy: "It's cool! Come back anytime!"

I get outside and start walking back to the car, diapers and wipes in hand. Trent gives me a confused look shortly followed by a smile. He knew the address was wrong.

I try to tell him what happened but I CANNOT STOP LAUGHING! I'm already passed the point of embarrassment and on to how absolutely hilarious it is.

I can see that group of friends, years down the road, bringing it up. "Remember that random girl who showed up at your house with diapers?"

Ya, that girl was me.

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