Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday Favorites

Just a few of my favorites things lately!

Chobani Key Lime Crumble Flip
These are awesome! There are all kinds of combinations that I would have never thought of on my own. I have tried several different flavors and have not been disappointed. Yay greek yogurt!

Side Table
This table was a super ugly brown when I bought it at a thrift story for $7. I painted it red around this time last year for our apartment.
It doesn't match anything anymore, so I painted it black and put it next to my bed! I think the change makes it look kind of modern! Love!

Beautiful Flowers
Shout out to Lesa for these beautiful flowers from the little flower shop down the road from us, Bill's Flowers (I mentioned the flower shop in this post). It's been 1 week and they continue to be even more beautiful by the day!

2nd Ear Piercing
I got my ears double pierced right after my senior year of high school. I thought they closed up years ago until this week when I accidentally stuck an earring through the hole. *FREAK OUT!* Turns out it wasn't closed. There was no bleeding or anything. I personally think it's the strangest thing ever. Long hair don't care!! Glad I have my piercing back!

Naked Green Machine
I was talking with some ladies last weekend about this stuff. I tried it and loved it! It carries all kinds of healthy greens, but tastes sweet like a fruit smoothie.

I bought this jug at Sam's for $7. I'm trying to drink a little bit daily.

Flower Pots
I found these flower pots at the dollar tree for $1/piece. I picked up a few flowers at Lowe's and now they sit happy on my window sill in the kitchen!

Chick-fil-a Grilled Market Salad
I absolutely LOVE salads with sweet fruit, crumble cheeses and chicken. This new option at Chick-fil-a is only 180 calories (minus the dressing) and is surprisingly filling!

The Skimm
Somebody linked this on Facebook so I joined it. Since then, my knowledge of world events has improved immensely (it was bad guys)! Every weekday around 5am you get an email with a simplified news report of what's going on. It's informal and sarcastic at times, which makes it super easy to read. I always check my phone to wake me up in the morning, so this has been awesome for me. Join the Skimm HERE!

Froggie Drain
My mom bought me this adorable drain for my kitchen sink. It makes me really happy :-)

Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe
I made these a few nights ago and was completely obsessed with them. I mean obsessed. One day I took Gracie on 3 walks just so I didn't feel so guilty for the quantity I ate. They were just so good! I only made one modification by halfing (is that word?) the amount of chocolate chips. I think it was a good decision. Recipe can be found HERE.

Thanks for reading and have a blessed weekend!

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