Friday, May 24, 2013

Friday Favorites

e.l.f. Mineral Eyeshadow in Celebrity
I love this color and love the sheen it creates on eye lids. The color isn't harsh and is great for every day use. My favorite part is that it's only $3 and last foreverrrrr!

Ok, I don't love sunburns, but I do love the fact that there is SUN out again! It improves my mood so much! I happened to get this burn on a CLOUDY day last week :-(

This trunk is another thrift store find. The inside is in great condition but the outside looked pretty rough. I painted around all the hardware and freshened it up a bit. Now it's at the foot of our bed and is Gracie's favorite step stool :-)

Bathroom Print Out
This saying makes me laugh so I put in our bathroom! "You don't really need to brush your teeth. Just the ones you want to keep." You can print your own 8x10 print HERE fo FREE!

Jesus Calling
Jesus Calling is my absolute favorite. It's unique because it is written as if God is talking to you directly. And it's powerful! I find it crazy how frequently I read a page that deals with something I am going through EXACTLY! I may or may not be doing a free give away for a few of these book soon :-) Stay tuned!

JC Penny's Clearance
I'm so confused as to what JC Penny's is doing with all this sale stuff recently. Do they have coupons or not!? Confused. Either way, I happened to stop by there this week to find racks upon racks of super good deals. I really like their Buffalo brand which appears to be good quality. If you catch it on clearance, it can be a great price. I snagged this shirt for under $10. Here is a shameless bathroom selfie that I took to show you guys!

Gigantic Foam Flowers
I found these at Tuesday Morning (the store) for 50% off. They kind of remind me of succulents. There are a bunch left at Tuesday Morning stores around Kansas City if you are interested!

FakeBake Flawless
This is my favorite self tanner to brighten up dull skin. It's a pump spray, rather than lotion, that I usually apply at night then shower off in the morning. It comes with a little mit to do the application. I think it provides really rich color without making you orange or streaky. The smell isn't bad unless you apply it over your entire body. I generally only use it on my arms, neck and face. It doesn't stain your sheets or clothes, but again I suggest showering before going out with it on. I usually buy it off Amazon.

I found this in our living room. I personally consider this lazy, but Trent says "It's not lazy! It's efficient!"

Thanks for reading! Have a blessed weekend!


  1. I love JcPenny's clearance too! I got a bunch a bunch of shirts for $2 and $5 a few weeks ago!!!

    1. Ah no way!! What a deal! I need to start shopping there more often!


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