Friday, May 17, 2013

Home Makeover: Book Shelves!

These built in book shelves sat half finished for a few weeks while I debated on what to do with them.

I had lots of cool trinkets to decorate with, but I thought they just looked kind of random and scattered sitting in the little cubbies. I decided to try and bring more consistency with color coded books.

I started collecting LOTS and LOTS of old books. Most with a green, gray or blue binding.

I have been a regular at the thrift stores in Topeka trying to collect enough for a cheap price. When I would get to the register with a humongous stack of books, the little old ladies behind the counter would say things like "Wow! You have a lot of reading to do!" I would explain that the books are for decor and they would just stare at me, confused. Every. Single. Time.

After a trip to Kansas City last week, I FINALLY had enough to fill up all of the holes.

The before pictures are from a few weeks ago before buying any old books.


It doesn't look bad without books by any means, I just had high hopes that it would look EVEN BETTER!

This little project exposed the fact that I am NOT a simplest. I like lots of stuff! The more stuff, the more homie it feels!

So after convincing my husband that I needed to buy books we would probably never read, here are the results! 76 books later!


My favorite old book find is "We are Neighbors". The copyright is 1949 and has "George" written in pencil on the front page with the "r" backwards. So cute!

This last picture shows books stacked backwards that Trent and I have actually read. We obviously are not big readers!

I can see myself changing the trinkets on the shelves out fairly frequently based on the holiday (brace yourself, Trent) so there are lots and lots of adventures ahead with these!

One more before and after:

Thanks for reading!

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