Monday, May 20, 2013

Home Makeover: Downstairs Bathroom

Our downstairs bathroom got a new paint job and a few decor items since moving in.

I don't have any great before pictures, but the bathroom was the same red color as the kitchen. You can see the bathroom from a distance in the second photo.



This little light is the ONLY light in the bathroom. There isn't a switch so you have to twist it to turn it on. I find it kind of cute :-)

We got these 1970's signs at a thrift store. The one on top is my favorite "Please Squeeze toothpaste tube from the bottom." :-)

The pretty mirror was already there when we moved in.

And my favorite part about the bathroom: this vintage children's chair! I found it at a thrift store this week for a few bucks. Isn't it cute!? It's really tiny in real life. I included the toilet paper roll in the picture so you can see the size.

Gracie keeps trying to eat the plants so I may have to get a big plant pot or something. We will see!

Thanks for reading!

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