Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I'm a biker too!!!!

As many of you know, my husband is a cyclist. He rides both road and mountain and even rode for Mizzou while in college.

In efforts to start a new hobby together, Trent bought me a nice bike...a full carbon fiber Felt Z6. It's awesome because I can lift it with my pinky! SO light.

I really do enjoy riding, but my time on the bike has been limited because I get so nervous on busy roads. Trent has been cycling long enough to know that people will always give you enough space to ride, but it just makes me a nervous wreck!

There may or may not have been a time last summer when I shed a few tears crossing 152 highway and Flintlock. If you know Liberty, MO then I think you can understand my fear. It's a busy intersection.

Trent has made LOTS of comments recently about me never riding my bike, so last night I said "Hey Trent, let's go biking tomorrow! The weather forecast looks awesome!"

You bet he didn't forget me saying that.

So today I trekked out there with him. Only before I made a scene about him wearing a tiger striped Mizzou jersey, convinced someone would try to hit him. KU fans are shifty! There's not a lot of MU love around these parts.

And here I am in all of my cycling gear. Cycling socks, bibs, jersey, helmet, and clip-in shoes. I don't really know what's "cool" attire wise in this sport, so Trent approved all of that stuff. He was not amused when I added my own little touch: pink reflective shades! NAH NUH NAH NUH!

The ride itself went fairly well. We sped through a nearby park with a wide paved trail. That's my kind of ride. The no traffic kind.

I huffed and puffed and Trent cruised along like he was floating around a pool on a raft or something. I mean he was putting forth extremely minimal effort.

But guess what? We road 12 miles and I probably could have done even more. TAKE THAT TRENT! No more complaining that I never ride my bike!

I decided tonight that I might want to take biking more seriously. I enjoy it, and I'm really not too bad at it for a girl. It also helps that my husband is the most patient teacher in the entire world. It blows my mind.

Yay for a new hobby!

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