Friday, June 28, 2013

5 Dollar Fridays

There is this cute little flower shop across the street from where I work that's really got some Topeka charm.

Every Friday they sell $5 bouquets of all different varieties.

I decided to get some today, just to brighten up the house a little bit and support local business.

This place was so cute! All kinds of decor every where!

I debated on which flowers to get for forever...

I finally decided on this beautiful bouquet!!

Normally I put them in my kitchen, but decided this little corner of the room needed some bright color.

Well, that was a mistake. I have this really strange quirk that you probably won't relate to....I think all flowers stink. Like really stink. Trent and I will be on a walk and he will comment on how great some flowering bush smells and I legit think it smells like throw up. 

It's really unfortunate because look how pretty these are! So much beauty made by God Himself!

Luckily, a smaller bouquet doesn't send me over the edge with its pukey scent. Now I just hold my breath every time I sit at my computer. Just kidding. I moved them to a higher location in the living room where I don't sit right next to them. 

Totally worth $5.

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