Monday, June 3, 2013

Big Honeymoon Mistake

I got some killer mosquito bites this week. It reminded me of the last time I got bug bites...on our honeymoon.

We went to Sandals Jamaica following our wedding. It was absolutely beautiful! 

I have never stayed in a place so luxurious! 

Scuba diving.

Beautiful pools.

Breakfast in bed.

Endless crystal clear beaches.

My favorite part was that it was all inclusive :-) We got to eat and eat and eat whatever we wanted!

One night we watched the tide roll in after dark, sipping on lattes and lounging on comfy recliners. That is one memory I will remember forever. Trent said, "Well Katie, I'm not sure if it will ever get any better than this, right here." HAHA. 

The next morning I woke up to an itch on my leg. Then more itching. Then more and more until I couldn't sleep because I itched too bad! 

I looked down to see BUG BITES all over my arms and legs. 

"What!? I put on like a pound of bug spray!" 

Bugs love me, so I am absolutely religious about putting that stuff on. HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN!?

I counted to find over 70. 70 bug bites. On my honeymoon.

I did some investigation and realized these weren't just average mosquito bites. The bite hole was huge. It kind of creeped me out because I didn't have my phone to do the normal web MD search.

The odd thing was Trent didn't get a single bite. And it was ONLY on my legs and arms. I guessed it must have been due to our midnight coffee drinking on the beach. Maybe I laid on a blanket of angry bugs.

I bought some anti-itch cream from the travel store onsite and made due. 

Unfortunately, the bug bites did not go away. In fact they almost got worse. 

After arriving back in the states, I called my mom and mentioned my bug bites. My mom's first question: "Have you been rolling around in the sand?"

Then I remembered...

Previous to the midnight coffee drinking, Trent had been out sailing while I sat on the beach. Somewhere in this brilliant mind of mine, I decided to rub sand all over my arms and legs.

I'm all like "YAY!!! Exfoliation!!!"

Little did I know, that was the STUPIDEST idea in the entire world.

After I told my mom about exfoliating my skin with sand, she is like "Katie! You probably got sand fleas!"

I'm all like "WHAT!?! What are sand fleas!?"

And it gets worse.

"They are fleas that live in the sand. I usually get an allergic reaction to fleas. Do they look inflamed?"

Um YES. Yes do. Apparently I am allergic.

And no, they did not stop itching for at least 5 days until I went to the doctor in the US and begged for a steroid to dry those suckers out.

And I had to wash ALL of our clothes before bringing them into the house just in case the fleas came home with me. Ridiculous.

So this definitely isn't my fondest memory of our honeymoon. It's a good thing we had so many great memories to overcome the bad.

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