Friday, June 21, 2013

Home Makeover: Gracie's doggie bowl collage

My sister-in-law has a hilarious photo of a beagle in a military suit over her pup's food bowl. This inspired me to get creative with the small space in Gracie's corner.

It all started with the tiny chandelier that was temporarily placed in my closet.

Then I decided she needed a photo of herself because she's vain.

Then we decided we were vain too, and that her space should include a photo of Trent and I, considering we are her favorites.

It just took off from there.

I ended up using an ornament hanger that I bent and cut with some wire cutters. I can't even believe that she hasn't messed with it yet.

Framed is Gracie as a puppy and some of her favorite things: bunnies and tennis balls.

A family photo, of course.

This is a $20 bill she munched on as a puppy. I swore I would keep it forever because it's hilarious and looks like it was eaten by a shark. Such tiny, tiny teeth marks! (hard to see in this photo)

(Here is a photo that shows the bites a little better)

So ya, she basically loves it.

I think I love it even more ;-) I thought Trent would think this project was the stupidest thing ever, but he actually thought it was hilarious. Win win!


  1. haha I love this! Definitely something I would do!

    1. Haha ya it was a lot of fun to make! I still look for things to add...I assume in about 5 years her collage will touch the ceiling! :-)


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