Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Dog Shaming

Gracie is a dog of many personalities. Around 6:30am EVERY SINGLE MORNING, Gracie puts on the "Annoy the crap out of everyone" act. And let me tell you, she is a VERY convincing actress.

Here is an idea of Gracie's expectations in the morning:

1. THE SECOND, I mean THE FIRST SECOND my alarm rings, she wants to be out of her kennel. (Those stupid supersonic ears of hers can track that alarm down 2 rooms away!)

2. She wants complete love and attention from every single person in the house. She wants to lick me, she wants to lick Trent. She wants to jump like a bunny on anyone and everyone to show how excited she is for her day.

3. She wants a hearty breakfast immediately after arriving downstairs. 

4. She, under no circumstances, wants to go outside. It's hot out there. And sometimes I have to give her a little nudge with my foot. Also, please see #2. 


On this particular Monday morning, I decided to make a cup of brew during Gracie's morning breakfast. 

As I enjoyed my coffee, I noticed a soothing, but odd silence in the house. No whines for attention. No squeaky toys. No scratching on the door to get to Trent. Nothing.

Then I heard it...

Cries of pure agony and distress. Gracie was going NUTS crying crying crying.

My frist response, for whatever reason, was "OMG! Gracie is being attacked by a raccoon!" (I realize how irrational that is...)

So I yell at Trent to come downstairs (just like I did last time). 


Trent wakes out of a dead sleep and sprints downstairs. I'm on the verge of crying because it sounds like Gracie is literally fighting an animal.

I see Trent bend over to pick Gracie up in the corner of the basement and bring her upstairs.

"What happened!?"

"Oh. My. Gosh. Gracie is completely stuck in a mouse trap." 

It wasn't a snapping trap, it was a big, thick sticky trap.

I start laughing, Trent just looks cranky.

I laugh more and grab my camera to capture these beauties.

The big attacking animal was just Gracie getting her legs and butt stuck in a mouse trap.

What a baby.

We literally had to cut her out of the trap to get her out. That stuff does NOT come off. Not with soap, not with anything. We spent a good half hour clipping hair between her toes getting the sticky out.

And then I decided to really embarrass her...

Trent felt bad for her, but I just thought it was hilarious.

I don't even know where she found that sticky pad. We don't even have mice!

Once again she has found her way into destroying things. In this case her haircut. 

Now she has a chunk of hair missing on her tail. And I have these photos for blackmail. 

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