Wednesday, June 5, 2013

You may be in Topeka if...

I stole the "you know you are in ______ if..." idea from my friend Sammy, who is working in Uganda as an architectural engineer. Thanks Sam! :-)

You may be in Topeka if...

-your Capital building has been in construction for over 10 years

-every time you use your GPS, your destination is less than 5 minutes away

-you live in the highest crime rate city in your state

-hills are only mentioned when referring to a pet nutrition company

-you see Little Free Libraries scattered around neighborhoods

-Dillons is the most popular grocery story

-there are no Quick Trips to get 69cent summer drinks

-you live in the 7th fattest city in the country

-you get ridiculed every time you wear a Mizzou shirt

-people know where you live by which park you live by

-"outside of town" means a 10 minute drive

-your local craigslist sucks

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