Saturday, July 6, 2013

Busy 4th of July Weekend!

My oh my was our weekend packed full!

It turns out Topeka is the most patriotic city in the entire United States. I'm sure of it.

They have this annual 4th of July parade that we heard was a good time. We met some friends at the house behind this cool old car for brunch and funzies.

It was the strangest thing...the ENTIRE neighborhood was there to watch the parade. It was definitely the largest amount of people in one place that we have seen here. There was even TRAFFIC when trying to park. *Gasp!*

Molly the golden doodle!

We chilled at the house and did mean things to Gracie before heading to Kansas City.

I didn't even realize the torture we put her through until compiling these photos for this post. Just a day in the life.

In Kansas City we hung out with family and friends that we miss a lot.

This should be our christmas card. 'Merica

My friend Laurie made this delicious ice cream cake with tiny flags on it! Isn't it cute!? She has an awesome blog that you can view HERE.

Later in the evening the men set off a bunch of fireworks. Trent was basically in dream land lighting things on fire.

I like seeing him happy :-)

The next morning we drove 3 hours to Mexico at the crack of dawn.

Mexico, Missouri that is. I didn't get cell service there. That hasn't happened in like...years. "I JUST WANT TO CHECK MY INSTAGRAM!!!!"

On the way there I jammed out to 2pac Changes. There is a parental advisory notice on that CD so don't blame me for the profanity. Feel free to blame me for the awesome throwback I just reminded you to add to your Spotify though.

And Trent slept. With my glasses on.

We got in a legit fight once for him sleeping in the car because I couldn't listen to my music loud. I have come a long way.

When we arrived I had the privilege to do my girl friend Sierra's wedding makeup! SO FUN!

I should have snatched a picture of her. SHE IS BEAUTIFUL! It took no work at all to make her a stunning bride. SO much natural beauty.

Regardless I brought everything I own because you can never been too prepared...

That is probably the first and last time I have ever said "you can never been too prepared." Not really my style. Unless it's packing for trips. Then I'm great at that phrase.

Sierra is actually a blogger as well. You can view her South Dakota adventures on her blog HERE.

The wedding was SO FUN! It was 4th of July themed in all red white and blues!

I got to see some girl friends from college that I have missed so much!

And we ate delicious food, which was no surprise knowing Sierra!

Trent ate 2 steaks. Future brides please count him as a double plate (embarrassed). And probably a quadruple drinker, if Dr. Pepper is supplied.

Sierra grew up on a farm and will be a farmer's wife in South Dakota. There are so many things about the country life style that are foreign to me!

One of them is the awesome dancing. So much spinning and twirling with such grace! I took a video of the bride and groom and posted it on my instagram! Follow me HERE!

I am SO thankful for the time I got to spend with my husband this weekend.

Sometimes we get wrapped up doing our own activities in Topeka and skip quality time together. Spending one on one time with him is an awesome reminder of how thankful I am for him.

Marriage is such a blessing! I really wish others my age would see how beautiful it can be. I hope my little space of the world wide web can prove that.

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