Monday, July 8, 2013

Cha cha changes!

I consider myself a tweaker.

Once I "complete" a room I always find myself going back to tweak things. I sometimes swap decor room to room or find something completely new!

Here are some of my latest tweaks.

Our method soap dispenser was SO powerful that it shot all over peoples' clothes. Haha. I switched it with  J.R. Watkins "Aloe & Green Tea" and I'm obsessed! It smells SO good! You can purchase this brand of hand soap at Target.

I swapped out the previous canvas painting on the wall with a new print I got at a flea market yesterday for $10. It matches perfectly with the towels and rug from this room!

The canvas previously in the bathroom got temporarily placed above the cabinets in the kitchen. It probably won't stay there long but works for now.

In addition to the canvas, I added a bird cage memo board that fit just perfectly between these 2 doorways. I used to have this bird cage in the living room of our old apartment and finally put it up in the new house.

I found this old green bottle for 50 cents at a thrift store. I paired it with a tiny vase and billy buttons from our wedding. The basket is from Target which has been super helpful in keeping track of our remotes!

My bookshelves have stayed relatively the same. I recently added a tiny bicycle tube repair kit because I know how much my man loves bikes :-)

I brought it home and Trent already knew everything about it! This little can was actually made in the old Western Auto building in downtown Kansas City, right next to the building we had our wedding reception. Small world!

I used to do my hair and makeup on a little stool with a full length mirror propped up against the wall.

I've been stalking craigslist for a new vanity for months and finally found one at an antique mall on clearance! LOVE!

I decided to keep it natural for now, rather than paint it. To add a little feminine touch, I changed out the knobs to a vintage looking crystal that was left over from an old project. The previous knobs were just plain wood spheres.

My favorite part is the tri-mirror. The left and right mirrors fold in so you can see the sides of your face.

We also purchased a vintage vanity chair! I love all the little cracks in the paint. It gives it some character :-)

DINING ROOM (a portion is seen in THIS POST and THIS POST)
I found the perfect spot for this awesome flower bucket window left over from our wedding decor.

It fits perfect in the corner of our breakfast nook!

As for our current table decor, I moved the bumpy mint vase from our bedroom, filled an old mason jar with river rocks and purchased a new white vase from TJ Maxx. Don't you love all the texture!?

What have you tweaked lately? I would love to hear about it!

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