Monday, July 1, 2013

DIY American Flag Shorts

I was busy this weekend making DIY high waisted distressed American flag shorts!

What you need:
-White shorts
-Transfer sheets (I got mine at Michael's for $5.99)
-An iron
-Inkjet printer

First, I found some white jeans at a local thrift store. 

It's tough to see the potential in high waisted thrift finds. My advice:

1. Focus on the waist. You want the waist to fit snug without digging into your stomach.

2. Choose jeans that have a nice, relaxed fit. Pants that hug your upper thighs too tight will give you a wedgie!

3. DO NOT FOCUS ON THE SIZE! I've bought old jeans 3 or 4 sizes larger than I normally wear. People were skinny back then.

First, put your jeans on inside out and draw a line where you want them to fall. I suggest cutting them a little longer than needed to leave room for fraying.

Now cut those babies!

I always cut the front a little shorter than the back like this.

Now we need to print the stars and stripes directly onto transfer paper using a laserjet printer.

To make things easier for you, I uploaded 11 x 8.5 prints through photobucket:



After printing, flip your shorts right side out.

Set the transfer paper printed side down and cut to fit your shorts. I do not suggest transferring over pockets or it will peel off.

Iron the transfer for about 45 seconds, being careful not to burn your shorts. I set my iron on Cotton, which is usually one of the higher settings.

Here they are right after ironing both transfers.

Wait till they are completely cooled, then peel off the top of the transfer paper.

Lookin' good!

I specifically chose transfer paper for this project to get a faded, vintage look. I decided to cut some holes to make it more distressed.

I cut 3 lines at least a half inch to an inch apart on several different sections of the shorts. Hint: Do not cut anywhere where your undies could show. Too risky!

I distressed the back pockets too, just like I did in my DIY distressed high waisted shorts post! Remember that they  become MUCH MORE distressed after washing and drying.

You are supposed to wait 24 hours before washing after using a paper transfer, but I was too anxious!

There were some loose bubbles of transfer paper that I was pretty confident would flake off when washed. I was totally ok with that because it make the shorts less "perfect" looking in a 11x8.5 square and more distressed vintage.

Here they are right before I washed them.

Here is the completed project!!

The jeans I chose were a really nice, thick fabric, so the slits held up pretty well in the wash. It may take more washes to open up those holes a bit and loosen the fabric.

Either way, I am so happy with the results!

 One more before and after...

What do you think?! I'm loving them!

Happy 4th of July!!


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