Sunday, July 28, 2013

Gracie the Minnie Jack

We got our dog, Gracie, 7 months ago from a rescue shelter in Kansas City.

She was 2.5 pounds and looked like this...

ADORABLE! She was one of the tiniest dogs I had ever seen.

We were told that Gracie and her siblings were a min pin/shih tzu mix. 

After about a month, we couldn't believe the amount of energy Gracie had.

Then she started getting really smart and escaping her gate...

And then AGAIN...this time jumping over it!

She is now full grown at 9lbs and hits the top of the counter with her nose. So. Much. Jumping.

Three weeks ago we were at a neighborhood garage sale and some guy came up to us and asked what breed Gracie was.

Me: "She's a min pin/Shih tzu mix."
Random dude: "Ya, I breed shih tzus. That's not a shih tzu."
Me: "Are you serious!? What is she?"
Random dude: "Probably a min pin mixed with some kind of terrier..."

Then it hit me....

For MONTHS Trent and I have been saying that Gracie acts EXACTLY like a jack russell. Ridiculous amounts of energy and so jumpy like a bunny.

We looked up the mix and found this picture of a min pin mixed with a short haired jack russell...

Basically Gracie's twin with shorter hair. (We think Gracie is a min pin mixed with a wirey hair jack) We looked up characteristics for minnie jacks (minpin/jack russell mix). Here are a few:

"These pups have the worst ADD I've ever seen."

"Don't get this dog unless you have time to walk them 10 times a day -no joke."

"JRT's and Min Pin's are both high energy dogs...I would truly stay away from such a mix."


It all makes so much sense now...

Gracie the minnie jack.


  1. I love your puppy's and they are the cutest little one

  2. I love your puppy's and they are the cutest little one


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