Friday, July 19, 2013

Songs associated with life events

I love how songs can bring back memories. Here are some of my favorite songs associated with significant life events.

"Make You Feel My Love" -Adele
What I walked down the aisle to at our wedding

"I Get Knocked Down" -Chumbawamba 
The song I requested EVERY SINGLE TIME I went to the skating rink from elementary to middle school (that or Aqua's "Barbie Girl").

"Feel So Close" -Calvin Harris
The night Trent proposed I JAMMED OUT to this song on the way home all by myself -so happy and excited!

"As The Deer" -My dad
My dad sang us hymns to fall alseep every night growing up. I requested this one often.

"Picture to Burn" -Taylor Swift
Angry song I used to listen to while working out at the gym my freshman year of college.

"Ghetto Cowboy" -Bone Thugs and Harmony
My older sister Melody and I found a burned CD laying in the parking lot of our high school called "Southside Beats and Jamz" we obviously listened and discovered this song, which we proceeded to listen to every day on the way to school. PS I know every word to this song.

"Voice in My Throat" -Pearl and the Band
What Trent and I walked out to after we were officially pronounced husband and wife! Also in the guitar scene of our engagement video :-)

"Dum Dum" -Tedashii featuring Lecrae
The song that got me pumped before my first day working a real job after college. Christian rap represent!

"In Too Deep" -Sum 41
An 8th grade boyfriend gave me this CD. I listened to it on repeat until it died. I was an odd duck in 8th grade.

"Collide" -Howie Day
One of the first songs Trent played his guitar and serenaded me with. I thought he sounded better than Howie Day :-) He still does.

"I Want It That Way" -Backstreet Boys
The song some girl friends and I danced to at a church camp talent show....dressed like men.

"Wannabe" -Spice Girls
The song that played when you went to my Xanga site in middle/high school (I refuse to link that page).

"Paper Planes" -M.I.A.
This was played freshman year of college in the dorms on repeat. I will laugh some day that I liked this many gunshots and weed references...not really my scene!

"What if Cartoons Got Saved" -Chris Rice
My favorite song to sing at church youth group growing up.

"I Won't Give Up" -Lennon and Maisy
Trent and my first dance at our wedding reception.

I could go on and on and on...

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