Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Candy Machine

Last year around this time my mother in law bought Trent the best wedding shower gift of his life...


Trent's mama found it off craigslist! Right now it has peanut butter m&ms, skittles and pretzel m&ms!

My man LOVES candy. Absolutely loves it. Here are a few photos to prove it.

"Oh my gosh KATIE! This is my life motto!!!"

Soo ya.

The candy machine gets over used. Trent puts a quarter in almost every day.

For me, it's basically a giant temptation sitting in the most common room in our house.

Don't come to the Raines' home if you are on a diet.

Or DO come if you want diabetes. The choice is yours.

I put our little sugar monster (the candy machine, not Trent) in the corner of our dining room below a vintage looking ferry poster and an old metal R.

That little candy machine has grown on me. I've come to realize how much I love casual style in the home.

I love quirky things like a doggie bowl collage or a cow head on my kitchen wall or even a full size bike on my porch. If it's fun or makes you smile, why not display it in your house!?

Trent and I already have a list of fun things we want to add to our home before we kick the can.

A few of our future dreams:
-an actual fountain drink dispenser
-a fire station pole that runs straight through the house
-a gigantic outdoor shuffle board like the one we played on our honeymoon

Again, just dreams. Maybe realities someday.

In the meantime, a candy machine has been a pretty good start for our "fun house".


  1. hahaha Katie! i absolutely love the chalkboard with "... the pursuit of Candy" i giggled at that photo. I have never heard of individuals having candy machines, for some reason I always thought they cost an arm and leg that's why only businesses own them.

  2. That boy REALLY loves his candy! :D Do you ever worry about how much he eats? My husband and I come from very different families. My ever health conscience Asian stepmother was of the "split this pack of M&M's three ways" mindset because they're not good for you. His mom was of the "oh you'd like a fifth slice of cake, let me get that for you" mentality. My husband is very thin (and cute I must say;) so I'm not worried about weight or anything when I cringe over his 5th energy drink of the week, or his large triple pepperoni pizza that he can finish on his own. It truly is his health since cancer runs in his family, but I'd love to be more carefree about some of his food obsessions. How do you do it? lol


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