Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Light Bulb

This week I found a humongous light bulb rolling around Trent's back seat.

Me: "Oh my gosh can I have this!?"
Trent: "Yes? It's a dead bulb from a light I changed at work."
Me: "Oh...I'm going to put it on our bookshelves!"
Trent: "Wow. Only you would do something like that."


I can't take credit for this idea though, because I have seen humongous light bulbs in several of the antique stores here in town. I thought the shape of this one looked a lot like an edison bulb, which are really popular right now. 

I had an idea to make this one look old.


I used some random black paint I had laying around the house to cover the shiny metal and make it look more antique.

If I had rubbed bronze spray paint, I would have used that instead. But I didn't, so the black paint would have to do for now!

I painted it really messy.

Then let it dry.

Here is where I displayed it.

This is a pretty eclectic look, even for me. 

Still really fun to literally use trash as a treasure though!

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