Sunday, August 4, 2013

My Favorite Comfort Food: Cheesy Risotto

I had risotto for the first time at University of Missouri's dining hall and ever since I have been hooked!

I had never cooked it myself, so I found a recipe online by the pioneer woman, who makes everything delicious and perfect.

The secret to making risotto is just to keep stirring, adding chicken broth as it soaks in. The Pioneer Woman does a WAY better job than I could ever do explaining this process, so you should just click HERE and follow her recipe.

I usually make a little less than what is called for (12oz instead of 16oz -it still makes a TON) and I like to add peas and shrimp too! It's super rich and delicious.

Here are some photos so I can try to convince you to make it sometime.

(My hubs hates onions, so I just leave some big chunks in for flavor, then take them out before serving)

You know you want it!


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