Thursday, August 1, 2013

My Tiny Treasure Chest

About a year ago I was inspired by our family friend, Lindy, who collects tiny treasures at the thrift store she volunteers at.

I thought it was the cutest ever! So many tiny things!!

A few months later I found this cool tripod display case that had some dried flower corsages glued to the shelves. I knew I could scrape those off with a butter knife easy.

I thought "Oh my gosh! This would be perfect for my tiny treasure collection...that hasn't started yet."

Since then I've made some progress!

The little side window opens like this:

The bottom shelf has a tiny rubber frog, a wooden bunny, a little strainer/skillet and a tiny watering can.

Second row has a baby pumpkin, a tiny perfume bottle, a piece of coral and a "lucky pig" that can store about 3 peas worth of stuff (so small)!

First row has a glass rooster, a shell and a barbie stiletto!

Some of my treasures have significant meaning and some are just cute so I put them in there!

Several remind me of specific events within the last year, like the barbie shoe, which is from St Louis where Trent and I visited our good friend, Aaron.

This shell and piece of coral are from the Jamaican beach where Trent and I were on our Honeymoon.

Lots were just gifts from people who know I collect tiny stuff :-)

I've never really had a collection of anything, so I guess I would call this my first! It's nice to not be limited to a specific brand or type of object or anything. The criteria for my collection is this: It's tiny.

This isn't on display for anyone at my house, it's just mine, that I enjoy looking at on my bedroom dresser.

And now you know a little bit more about me. What do you collect? I would love to know!

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