Monday, August 19, 2013

Shoe Trends for Fall

My new job (which I talked about in THIS POST) is basically to determine shoe trends, organize them, present them, facilitate them, sample them and get them back to the customer to be purchased.

I thought I would share just a few basic trends you will see this fall in the young women's shoe world.

Ankle Boots
Expect to see lots and lots of short boots around ankle length, both heeled and non. I can almost guarantee you will find more short than tall this season.

Smoking Slippers
These have been around, but will be even more prevalent this season.

Hidden Wedge Sneakers
I sort of hated the heeled tennis shoe idea at first...then I tried some on. Pillows with a 3 inch heel is what these are! So comfortable. You will see them everywhere.

Moto Boots
Think grungy motorbike. The complete opposite of feminine in my mind, but trendy non the less. I may already own a pair similar ;-)

Quilted Fabrics
I always thought "Chanel" when I saw quilted shoes in the past. Not just Chanel anymore!

Studs are still really popular for fall. Flat top studs like the photo below seem to be popping up a lot on any and every style.

"Hairy" Flats
What feels and looks like real hair. On your shoe.

Dr. Martens
Like a lot of new trends, I find this to be completely mind boggling. But it's true, they are back.

There are many, many more but thought I would stop there :-) Happy fall shoe shopping!!

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  1. I have been loving ankle boots and cannot wait to get me some for winter!

  2. hey, where can you get the Hidden Wedge Sneakers from and how much do they cost?

    1. Hey Amelia, They are from Nordstroms! Here's the link:

  3. Oh i love those shoes. Those shoes are very fashionable just like crossfit. But i like crossfit shoe most then boots. Because we now can purchase best crossfit shoe everywhere. Crossfit are the best for me.


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