Sunday, August 25, 2013

Survey Followup: answers to your anonymous questions

So I didn't know you could reach a limit on survey monkey, but you can. THANK YOU SO MUCH for your responses!

After the survey monkey limit was reached, I was no longer able to see your anonymous questions. SO...if you asked a question that is not listed here, that means I didn't get to see it :-(

A few things...
-I got some repeats/similar questions so I tried to categorize those together.
-I don't know all the answers to life...just remember that and try and give me grace if you don't agree with my answers! :-)
-THANK YOU for the compliments! I did not list them here, but they are stored away in my heart :-)

1. To whom or what do you attribute your creativity? / How does one get the creative gene...the ability to see things differently than how they are? 
I think everyone is creative, it's just expressed in different ways. I may be able to pull together decorating a living room, but if you told me to write a song or knit a sweater I would have no idea where to even start.

2. What kind of dog is Gracie?
Min Pin / Jack Russell mix. Read about that discovery HERE

3. Do you exercise regularly? If so what is a typical routine? / What is your weekly fitness routine? / How do you stay thin? / What kind of exercises do you do? / Do you work out or diet?
I'm kind of a yoyo exerciser. I get into seasons where I work out frequently and others when I do not. Recently about the only exercise I do is take my dog on daily walks (which can sometimes be several miles). I would consider myself a naturally active person though -I rarely find myself sitting at home relaxing on the couch. If I am in a season where I'm working out a lot, I primarily run.

4. What's the best makeup for oily skin? I've used oil control makeup and by midday, my skin looks like an oil slick.
I have combination skin, so this is a tough question for me. I would definitely recommend Neutrogena Shine Control powder. It's translucent and provides a matte shine free finish for hours and hours. 

5. What is your favorite book of the bible? Why?
Philippians. I feel it has been the most applicable to life. Through the book of Philippians, God has encouraged me to be joyful in times of hurt and brokenness, thankful in times of need or want, humble when I don't want to be. 

6. Are you hoping to turn blogging into a full time career?
That would be the best! However, I'm not sure if I could ever invest enough time to get to that point. Maybe you can be my first sponsor! :-)

7. I just became engaged and I'm getting married with one year left in school once we do! What's the biggest benefit for you being married right out of college?
I am thankful I got married young and got to experience big life changes TOGETHER, like getting a new job or moving into our first home.

8. Can you do make-up tutorials? / Can you do a  makeup series? / I would like to see makeup tips.
I will admit, filming in front of a camera is kind of awkward for me!! I do love talking about makeup though, so I will try and muster up the courage to do a few more! :-)

9. Disclaimer: Please take these words as constructive criticism. The posts can often feel mundane. Can we expect upcoming post to present new and exciting ideas?
Your survey said you are a male 18-25. DIY home decor, makeup tips and puppy stories are boring to you!? Just kidding, I really am glad you are reading. I have to be honest though: I do not create projects for the sake of writing about them. I just document life. If I start writing solely for the purpose to entertain, I think this blog loses something. I truly think there is beauty in the mundane.

10. How long have you and Trent been together?
5 years (married for 11 months)

11. As a Christian, do you feel like any two Christ-centered individuals (man and woman) can be married and live a functional life? Or is there another "variable of butterflies" in the mix that many modern Christian books claim to be a product of media influence such as "The Notebook?" Essentially, is marriage a formula or is there something more? Surely it can't all be about function, can it?
I think two Christian individuals can have a successful marriage. I know that because I know God can be the center of ANY relationship if they both know Him. Anything more than two believers is just icing on the cake. But who really wants a cake without icing?

12. I would love to hear about how you and Trent are managing newlywed life! Stuff like finances, housework, buying the house...that phase is next for me and it'd be awesome to hear a "real" perspective from a modern couple!
These would be awesome to do individual blog posts on! To give you a short answer in the meantime:
Finances: We budget every penny. I hate doing it, but it's necessary to reach our goals.
Housework: It varies, but we still maintain a lot of the traditional gender roles...Trent mows the lawn and takes out trash. I clean and cook. Etc.
Buying the House: We currently rent our home, but have plans to buy a house someday!

13. What kind of Camera do you use to take your pictures?
Canon Rebel t2i ; sometimes iPhone 5

14. Are you still getting birchbox?
I have been getting Birchbox since February, but decided to cancel for the month of September. I am too behind on my samples right now! I'm sure I will start it up again before the end of the year.

15. Do you diet? / Do you work out or diet? / Are you a healthy eater?
If I am really being honest, I would have to tell you that I was given a pretty great metabolism by my parents. If you don't believe me, look at my 4 siblings. I am a consistent eater, meaning I eat 3 meals a day and don't randomly go on crazy diets where I don't eat anything for days. I think this has helped preserve my metabolism. I make other efforts to eat healthy too. I am big on portion control -I eat cookies and ice cream and chips and other unhealthy things, but I always eat them in small helpings.
Something that has REALLY helped in my efforts to maintain a healthy lifestyle is KNOWING what kind of calories I'm intaking. If you have no idea how many calories the burger you are about to eat contains, just look it up on an app on your phone like "My Fitness Pal". After a month or so, you will start recognizing what's good and bad for you. Then you can adjust what you are intaking a lot easier.

16. Does Trent know he is the reacher?
I had to ask Trent what this meant. He laughed and said "Absolutely I do."

17. Good vs Bad in mind, why do you still have your dog?
HAHA! About a year or two ago, I asked myself why in the WORLD my sister-in-law would keep their beagle. He was SO BAD! Now, I feel like I understand. Regardless of how bad she is, she is still mine (read about that HERE). The only reason I would every get rid of her is if she was aggressive towards people. Luckily she is not, so it looks like we are stuck with her! ;-)

18. Is there anything good about living in Kansas?
No. You must be a Mizzou fan! haha. We came in with low expectations of Topeka, so we have actually been really pleasantly surprised with how much we enjoy it here!

19. Who was your best friend in grade school? Who would you have considered an enemy or annoyance?
I will skip last names:
BFFs: Anna, Alisha, Kaitlyn, Felicia, Krystal, Courtney etc etc 
Annoyance: Stephen -he never got his hair cut so everyone called him "squirrel head"...because it looked like a squirrel was sitting on his head. I joined in on that, among other things, and promised myself I will apologize if I ever met him again later on in life.

20. How many kids do you eventually want to have? Does Trent agree? / What are your plans for future family?
We would like to wait several years to have kids. I ideally want 3, Trent wants 2. Hopefully we will be blessed with little munchkins someday.

21. What types of things do you do to grow in your relationship with Jesus? Do you have any Bible studies you would recommend?
Talking with others about God is HUGE for my spiritual growth. I get to do this at church, couples bible study and with friends I've made over the years. The book I would recommend is "Jesus Calling" by Sarah Young. It's EXCELLENT for someone who isn't sure if they want to follow Jesus or someone who has been following Him for a long time. I also like anything by Francis Chan or Priscilla Shirer.

22. What's the toughest thing about marriage?
Always having to accommodate your wants and plans with someone else's. It's not all about you anymore, which has been an excellent lesson in humility for me.

23. How did you decide how physically to be involved before marriage? / Were you virgins up until marriage?
Yes, we both made a commitment based on scripture to be remain virgins until marriage before ever even dating. It is absolutely vital that BOTH of you want this, because IT IS NOT EASY. It is hard and you have to fight through together. Remaining pure until marriage has SO many benefits and has become pretty uncommon in today's society. I can attest to its benefits. I would love to talk to you personally if you want to facebook me or email me at (offer is open to anyone)!

24. What is the best part about being married?
You have so many opportunities to show love to your spouse because you live with them. It's made spending time together easier because we don't have to plan something all the time to be together. But really the very best part for me is the FREEDOM OF COMMITMENT! There is freedom in commitment because you know that person will never leave you -You don't need to try to impress them and can truly be yourself.

25. How did you meet Trent?
My sister, Melody, was dating Tim, who was best friends with Trent. Tim and Melody got married, then Trent and I got married. Now Tim and Trent are brothers -their dream come true. Read more about our story HERE

26. What is God teaching you today?
Persistence. We are in the heart of our busy season, so my job is EXTREMELY time consuming right now. God is teaching me to maintain a joyful attitude, deal with stress, and rely completely on Him for emotional support.

27. Best advise for Christian girls and dating in college?
Be patient. Even if you are in a relationship, be patient. Wait to say strong words like "I Love You". Wait to talk about marriage. Wait for physical intimacy. Rushing puts unneeded stress on the relationship. Be patient. 

28. What is your favorite recipe that you make?
My mom's Tortilla Soup! I will share soon!

29. How do you share your faith with your husband? Any tips?
I think we still have a lot of learning to do in this category. Ideally we would be doing a mini bible study every night. We have tried a few, but didn't really like them. We go to church together and are/will be in a couples bible study. We are really open with each other about what we are learning, how we are hurting and we try to address hard issues as soon as possible. There isn't a routine, just when it occurs. Hopefully we will find something consistent that works well for us soon.

30. How do you find things to talk about on your blog? I can't find anything to talk about.
Sometimes I feel that way too! Like right now...when all I am really doing is working and sleeping! I would encourage you to find beauty in the mundane. What is unique about the way you live? Do you have quirks? Do you eat the same thing for breakfast every day? What kind of food do you eat? People are curious to know how others live. Even if it's simple stuff, people are interested.

31. What is Trent really like...?
HAHA! I think of Trent so highly, so I know it is so easy for me to only talk good about him. I really do try to paint a real picture of him on here, but he is honestly my favorite person in the world. For your entertainment though, a few things that drive me nuts about Trent: He never wakes up to his first alarm. Or second. Or third. Or fourth. He turns the TV up to volume 65!!! I usually watch it at like 29. He NEVER takes the expired stuff out of the fridge before trash day. Just to name a few.

32. Do you think the government is going to fall? And if so, how do you feel it will affect us as a human race? If not, why don't you think it will happen? I know this has absolutely nothing to do with your blog but you have a good insight on things and I would love to hear your opinion.
I've never been much into politics. To answer your question, all I know is that God is in control. The human race did fine before our government and I think it will do fine after. 

33. Who was your best friend freshman and sophomore year of high school?
Not sure which it would be! I will skip last names:
Sarah, Katie, Ashley, Jackie

34. I'd love to hear more about where you shop.
Primary shopping spots for home decor:
-TJ Maxx
-Thrift Stores
-Tuesday Morning
-Cargo Largo (Independence, MO)

Primary shopping spots for clothing:
-TJ Maxx
-Forever 21
-Express (clearance only)
-Gap (clearance only)
-Platos Closet

35. What's the most valuable experience you've had so far in your life and why? *Note - valuable not necessarily "best"
I would probably say moving out of my parent's house and going to college. It taught me to grow up, but most importantly it exposed how wonderful my family is and how thankful I am to have grown up in the environment I did, with the people I love.

36. Have you ever thought of doing a 30 before 30 list?
Yes I have! You just encouraged me to make one!

37. Hypothetically, let's say I got a job offer from a company to start in January. If I accept that position would it be wrong of me to use the time before the position starts to continue looking for better positions? Especially considering someone from my current company took the time to introduce me to the president of this potential new company? I'm not too keen on the idea of continuing the job search after I've already accept a position, but a friend of mine says I should just keep my options open.
It's hard to answer this without asking more questions. Is it a small company that would be greatly affected if you accepted the position then turned it down? Are you confident you could find another position in an economy like this? All questions aside, some advice I was given upon graduating: "Never be so comfortable at a company that you feel that you can't leave for better opportunities - Because the company will always lay you off if they need to." I'm not saying jump ship at any and every opportunity you get, I am saying you need to do what's wise and best for your career.


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