Wednesday, August 7, 2013

White pants before labor day

I don't know who made the "no white pants after labor day" rule, but it's kind of stupid. Regardless, I found an easy way to wear white pants for the last month of summer.

I've recently been trying to match up clothing items that I already own to get a fresh look. I figured these were pretty basic pieces that you might have in your own closets as well!

Unfortunately the photos turned out really awkward. I don't know how fashion bloggers do it without undergoing any of the following...

I was all like, "Trent! Is the camera even pointed over here!?" he rides his bike while taking photos.

"Ok, I'll just smile."

"I think I'm supposed to look down. Does this look natural? ...No?"

Five butt shots later..."Ok Trent, seriously. Can we get this done?"...finally takes a side view.


"Just going to fan myself for a sec."


"I give up. Not even worth it."

Sooo that's what happened. Life isn't perfect.

If you want to sweat outside like a man in the humid Kansas heat, you should try this outfit.

Denim Shirt: Walmart clearance for $3 (possibly still available in stores) -Similar here, hereherehere or here.
Tank top: Kohls by Jennifer Lopez (available in most stores, but not online)
Pants: Express spring clearance -Similar here.
Sandals: American Eagle Outfitters from last year


  1. I hate that rule! But when it comes to fashion and dressing yourself, I don't think there should be rules, you should wear what you want! And I always wonder how fashion bloggers do it too but yours turned out great! I like the ones that you didn't pose for, they show personality!

    1. I agree! I may pull these white pants out again and wear them with some knee high brown boots later this fall. Long hair don't care! :-) And thank you, you are too sweet!!!


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