Thursday, September 19, 2013

Antique Finds

Last weekend my sister and our friend Laurie came to visit me in Topeka!! I LOVE having visitors here.

We went thrifting/antiquing and did a tiny bit of crafting -but mostly we just talked. :-) I bought a few things during our shopping trip and thought I would share them with you!

A matchstick holder!

This probably hung in some old man's garage full of matches to light brush on fire. That's what I like to think at least.

I decided to put toothpicks in it and hang it in our kitchen. Because I think it's fun.

I also got a globe!

I like maps and globes but haven't managed to find one I've liked until now.

It still has the USSR, so you know it's old.

Look! It even has Topeka! :-)

Photobomb by Gracie!!

Right after I took these photos Trent helped me rearrange the whole living room. Mostly because I was stressing about where I would put the Christmas tree....which won't even be up for 2 months.

It's fiiiiiiine.

Have you bought anything fun at an Antique store? I love to see how others mix old with new!

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