Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday Favorites

Fluffly White Pillow
Got this pillow for 70% off at Target! Love the texture it brings to our living room.
I talked about Mint in my last post. It is probably the most popular budgeting tool out there. It has allowed us to save, give and pay off debt by creating and following a budget. You can link bank accounts, student loans, car payments etc and keep track of them all in 1 place. I downloaded the mint app on my phone and have easy access to our budget at all times!

Benefit Watt's Up illuminator
Sephora gave this sample to me for my birthday month! It goes onto the tops of your cheek bones to give a little illumination, and does so without leaving a bunch of glitter. I hate glitter on my face. When I run out of the sample I will probably be buying a full size because it's so awesome.

Tiny Shoe Keychains
My boss gave these to me. I wish they fit in my tiny treasure chest, but they are a little bit too big!

Trent Cooking
We went to our friends' house tonight and Trent made the dessert. His choice: dirt and worms. I live with a child.

Cactus in my window pot
My cactus is growing!!! I haven't watered it in literally weeks and it is growing like a bean stalk!

H&M Jeans
I got 2 pairs of jeans at H&M in Nashville for $15 a piece (buy one get one 1/2 off). SCORE! They are super comfortable and will work great with boots for the fall.  Find them at H&M's website HERE.

Gracie Belle's New Collar
Gracie ate her leather and rhinestone collar so it has been temporarily replaced with this cute pink bow collar! It's temporary because she tries to bite it all day...

Happy Friday!

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