Monday, September 16, 2013

How cute are these boots? How cute are these boots?

If you didn't get the title reference, you should watch this gap commercial:

"How cute are these boots? How cute are these boots?"

Anyway, I stopped by Forever 21 the last time I was in Kansas City. BECAUSE WE DO NOT HAVE A FOREVER 21 IN TOPEKA. It's basically a crime.

If you read Trent's Husband Hack post, you know I am secretly a boot collector. Shout out to Trent for revealing that little tid-bit that was entirely exaggerated. But also kind of not.

Here is the next boot to add to my collection:

By looking at that photo, about how much do you think these cost?


The answer is $36.80. I feel like that is super good for how "expensive" they look. From far away they look a lot like worn leather.

I love the gold hardware and exposed zipper down the side. The camel color is perfect too.

Now that my official career is in the shoe business, I could go into all kinds of detail about these babies, but I will refrain and just tell you they are cute and a good deal.

Not to mention, you get the "clicky" noise when you walk. Love that.

Buy them at Forever 21 by clicking the picture below! They also come in dark brown and black, but Camel is definitely the cutest. I won't be offended if we have twinsie boots! :-)

Yay for fall!


  1. Shoes that only go to size 9 are a crime... ;'-( What about us tall, big-footed ladies with size 12 feet?? Oh well, this is my lot in life...


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