Thursday, October 10, 2013

Fall Decor

I recently shared some of my Halloween decor from last year.

I asked if you guys thought I should go creepy Halloween again, or cutesie pumpkin to carry into Thanksgiving.

Well, I made an executive decision to do cutesie fake leaves and acorns! Because no one gave their opinions in the last post. Also because it's my house. Also because I didn't have time to thrift shop for creepy stuff. Also because Trent said my pumpkins would rot if I bought them too soon.

We have done some re-arranging in the 'ol living room! The floor plan is MUCH more open! Here is a look into our fall decor this year!

This bird got eaten alive! (Aka trent dropped it last year and it shattered into pieces)

You know my man loves his Dr. Pepper!!

I will be doing a DIY on how to make this acorn garland soon!

Flowers in the bike basket! It's the little things :-)

Gracie still doesn't love her bed, but we are getting there! See our DIY doggie bed out of a side table post HERE.

I love the little touches of orange and yellow in an otherwise grey and green room. It makes it feel so festive!!

We added just a few pieces of fall decor in the dining room. This gigantic acorn is my favie.

See DIY Framed Chalkboard post HERE.

I added a few strands of orange to our wreath on the front porch to bring in some fall cheer. (See the rest of our porch HERE)

Thanks so much for reading!

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  1. I'm pretty sure i need you to come and interior decorate my house! wow! love your living room and how bright and open it is!!

  2. Katie, where are your curtains from in the living room?

    1. They are from Tuesday Morning, which unfortunately doesn't have an online store. The brand is Waverly. We had to search to find 3 sets at local Tuesday Morning stores so it may be tough to find those exact ones. I would still check them out though, because Waverly has tons of awesome prints!


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