Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Green Pepper Disaster

You guys I made the worst meal of my life this week. I think it was even worse than my Crockpot Chicken Fail.

My mom used to make these amazing stuffed green peppers growing up. I used this recipe from to recreate it. With a rating of 4.5 out of 5 and over 1,400 reviews you think it would be pretty delicious

Well it's not.

It's the opposite of delicious.

It's repulsive.

Here is what it was supposed to look like...

And here is what mine looked like...

HAHAHA! Nailed it.

I took a bite out of the center stuffing and the rice was completely crunchy. Even after extended oven time.


I just couldn't even eat it. It tasted like crunchy tomato soup. We ate some delicious burgers at Freddy's that night instead.

I decided to dump the stuffed peppers in the corner of our backyard for the birds or whatever to eat.

That was a stupid idea.

Later that night we let Gracie outside. She went potty then disappeared in the bushes. I called her and she wouldn't come. She basically hates being outside (what a priss) so it was weird that she didn't respond.

My first thought is "Oh great, she caught a bunny."

Then....I remembered the peppers.

Sure enough that little stinker was eating my stuffed peppers in the corner of the yard! It looked like she had barely gotten through a tenth of it before I ripped her away from her feasting joy.

For the next 2 days we took her potty in the front yard. Mostly because I'm lazy and hoped some squirrel would come along and eat the rest of the peppers so I didn't have to clean them up.

Well apparently squirrels hate our backyard.

Because they were ALL still there.

I know this because I threw Gracie (literally kind of threw her) into the backyard in a fit of rage after she ate my concealer yesterday. I went to clean up the mess and realized maybe 30 minutes later that she was still in the backyard. She hadn't made a peep.

Oh crap.

And of course, the little sneak was having a blast in the corner of the yard out there. Basically she thanked me in a sassy tone for rewarding her after eating my makeup.

YOU ARE NOT WELCOME! Also stop using sassy tones.

I picked her up and she felt about 5 pounds heavier. She is a 10 lb dog sooo she probably ate 50% of her body weight in stuffed peppers.

So she threw up. Obviously.

And in the past 10 hours she has pooped FIVE TIMES!

Yes. Five.

She is usually a one and done kind of dog in the morning. But not today.

3 poops this morning.

2 poops night.

Apparently beef and rice really aren't that bad for dogs. Everything came out completely normal (sorry for the details). As for the peppers and the tomato soup? Not so sure it's dog approved.

I should be mad, but I'm really not. I'm just glad someone loved my cooking. Also glad that my dog is alive.


  1. Yeah, rice is tricky. From the recipe, it looks like the rice should have been mostly cooked before you put the mixture into the peppers, so that all it has to do is bake. Try it again sometime with this in mind. Poor Gracie though! She probably won't learn her lesson though, as she keeps eating all of your things!

  2. i ususually cook my rice before stuffing it into the peppers ;) thanks for sharing this story, makes me smile. We've all had recipes turn out like this :)

  3. Interestingly enough I made stuffed peppers for the first time myself in the last week. I agree with Shayla, make sure you cook the rice almost all the way before putting it in to bake and also if you boil the peppers for around 10 minutes it actually helps them to hold the flavor in them.


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