Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A little bit of rebellion

You guys, I have a confession to make.

My house doesn't always look like this.

Tonight after dinner I was debating which of my new craft projects I was going to blog about (yes, there are several) and I looked around my house and just took a moment to judge myself.

I don't know if you can actually judge yourself, but I did.

Let me give you a quick tour.

Dining Room
Our table is full of crafting supplies including paint, mason jars and plastic bags. Every bag is empty.

And this is pretty much what Gracie's toy box looks like every day....half empty. Because the rest of her toys are randomly placed around the entire house.

The hammer and wire cutters are also sitting there like they do every day. Just kidding. I used them to work on a craft project...3 days ago.

Living Room
Covered in shredded toys. Because Gracie shreds EVERYTHING.

But how could such a small dog create such a large mess!?

BELIEVE IT. Here is a recent photo of our devil dog with a tennis ball she decided to shred all over our bed.

A tennis ball. In my sheets.

Take a look at the other side of our bedroom.

My clothes. Everywhere. Mostly because I had a bunch of clean laundry that I realllllly didn't want to fold last night. "Let's just pile it up and forget it ever existed!"

Under the bed...currently full of shredded kleenexes courtesy of Gracie Belle Raines. It is shocking how many she can find in 3 days. Yes, you guys. I inconveniently vacuumed under there 3 DAYS AGO. It's an uphill battle.

Guest Room
You probably didn't even know I had a guest room. It's ok, sometimes I forget I even have one. Mostly because I shoved a bunch of stuff in there when we moved 6 months ago and literally nothing has been touched since.

It's fiiiiiiine.

So, ya. Life isn't perfect.

My house is a mess. Gracie has been playing with a squeaky squirrel for the past hour (shoot me). My dining room is currently half painted. And I should probably be eating a chicken salad but instead I am eating this.

I also just texted my husband this photo to be a little punk while he is away tonight. "I DO WHAT I WANT!"

He hasn't responded yet. I'll keep you posted.

It's been a day of rebellion. Somehow I find that a tiny bit exhilarating.

If you need me, I will be lounging around my pigsty of a house for the rest of the evening, drinking straight from the milk carton and throwing my clothes all other the place like a crazy person.

Until next time.


  1. Hahah this post is so real and adorable! I cant tell you how hard it is to make sure the house is clean. I never thought our house would ever be messy since it was just us two, boy am I wrong....and here I am sitting on the couch watching Criminal Minds re-runs. Right here with you girl!

    1. I know! It shocks me how quickly things get messy...and I'm sure this is nothing compared to having kids.

  2. Love it, but your place looks clean compared to mine right now! I'm usually a neat freak but wedding planning has taken priority. My current mess: packaging, bubble wrap, and shower gifts from this weekend. I told myself I wouldn't clean until thank you notes are finished. Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to reward myself with a night of cleaning :P

    1. Oh gosh, I do not miss those times....trying to find some place to store all your new stuff in a small apartment! I've been there! ;-)

  3. Lol such a mess! My room is pretty much like this and I have been rebelling on getting it cleaned up.

  4. I love the honesty. We can all take comfort in knowing "we are not alone"! Fun post!

  5. Love your house... messy and all! Found you from a Mommy KS blog site. The hubs and I are originally from KS and miss Overland Park dearly!

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