Saturday, November 30, 2013

DIY Christmas Ornament Window

My little sister, Ruth, got me a cool old window frame a few months ago.

I considered putting a big picture behind it, or hanging individual pictures in each frame, but thought of a new idea a few weeks ago....A Christmas Ornament Window!

I thought I was being really creative, but it turns out a lot of people have already done this. You can still give me credit though. Just kidding. But you can if you want.

All I did was buy a pack of tiny hooks from Home Depot for a total of $2.50 and screwed them into each pane.

I picked up all of Gracie's dog toys to take this photo. Don't worry, I'm used to picking up her crap. All the time.

This project made me realize that we only have like 10 ornaments tops that aren't from Trent or my childhood.

It was kind of a sacrifice to take some of the "normal" ones off our tree to put in the window.

So now our tree is basically red balls, some kindergarden crafts and some embarrassing childhood photos.

I'm not messing with it this year. Kindergarden tree it is.


  1. Katie I absolutely love this idea! I have always seen the window frames but didnt know what to do with them. This is so cute for the holidays! Now I will go have to find a window frame :) Thank you for posting!

    1. Yay! Happy window pane hunting! If you know anyone who lives in an old house, there is a good possibility they have one laying around their garage or basement. Or antique shops, of course, have them. Without glass they tend to be cheaper!

  2. this is such a great idea! you could even switch out ornaments with the seasons or holidays since the pane provides such a nice blank canvas

    1. I love that! I will have to do some brainstorming on what to switch it out with!


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