Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Hutch Redo -Round 2!

Remember our distressed blue hutch?

Well I got sick of it. So I painted it.

And it took 10x longer than I thought it would. And I wanted to punch myself.

Final product:

Here is what is looked like before I did anything to it (minus the doors, which we took off to move it).

I thought, "A white hutch with exposed shelving would look really good against a grey wall." So 2 weeks ago I painted my dining room walls grey (Sea Haze by Benjamin Moore). Then the hutch white (Simply White by Benjamin Moore) and kept the exposed shelving unpainted.

It was really just a flurry of impulsive decisions. And Trent probably wanted to punch me.

I went for a vintage industrial look. I bought paint, beadboard (for the back), 2 cabinet handles and thick weave baskets (from TJ Maxx). Everything else I have had for a while and crammed onto the shelves.

before and after:

The neutral colors tie into the rest of the house so much better now :-)

I still have plans to stain the shelves and drawer a deep walnut, but the sealant is SO GOOD on this thing that it would probably require me to strip it to restain. Not ideal!

For now, I am happy with it :-) Hope you have a beautiful Tuesday!


  1. How did you make the drawer? Or did you find it pre-made?

    1. The drawer was already a part of the piece when we bought it. I wish I was talented enough to make it myself!


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