Sunday, November 3, 2013

Our weekend in iPhone photos

This weekend we shopped. Took walks. Caught Gracie chewing on her Halloween costume...also chapstick. Went to Topeka's First Fridays. Watched Nashville. Baked some nasty pumpkin muffins that I threw away. Shopped some more. Ate with the in-laws. Went to church. Gave Gracie a haircut. Ate tons of 50% off Halloween candy (mostly Trent). Drank a large slurpee (also Trent). Bought ridiculously cheap clothes. Fed Gracie pop rocks.

Solid weekend.

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  1. I love that pink bow/headband/scarf in your hair! Plus the shoes and pretty much the whole outfit. Very cute! Looks like both Trent and Gracie nom nomed throughout the weekend lol


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