Monday, November 25, 2013

Prayer Box

This past week was busy. My house became a gigantic disaster (as if it wasn't already) when I started THREE different DIY projects. Bad idea. I traveled to Bentonville, Arkansas for work and spent a majority of my weekend cleaning and doing laundry.

Sunday night I laid in bed thinking about how busy my life has become. Though things like laundry are a necessity, I get so consumed in the tasks of every day life and miss opportunities to help and support others -I am just too busy focusing on my own life. I want to change that.

Today I set up a prayer box. It gives you the opportunity to anonymously submit a prayer request with ANYTHING that is on your heart. Nothing is too big or small.

My prayers are no better than your own, but I promise to pray daily for these requests until the end of the year. Please let me do that for you!

You can submit anonymously or leave your name. No judgement here.


Love you guys!


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  2. What a sweet idea! I don't have a prayer request (yet), but just wanted to share that I love your blog! It's fun to read and reminds me of the early years of my marriage - 16 years ago. :) Buying two of your makeup essentials this week. And, bought my niece two infinity scarves yesterday (had no idea what was "in" these days). Yay! Thanks for blogging. :) (Sorry for the deleted comment - accidentally posted that one from my work email address.)

    1. Aw thank you Karen! You are so sweet! I hope you like the products and your nieces like the infinity scarves!


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