Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The time my mom tried to sell our family on ebay

My mom is probably one of the most hilarious people I know.

When I was younger, she pulled the most legit april fools jokes. She sang opera loud and proud in the house to be obnoxious. And she had some pretty killer dance moves at my wedding.

As a kid, I didn't think she was all that funny.

Actually I distinctly remember saying on multiple occassions "Please mom...just never say that again." And then she would die laughing at herself ('s habits may have rubbed off on me).

When I was in high school she pulled one of the most impressive pranks ever. Except it wasn't really a prank. She was half serious.

Her idea sprouted because of all the ridiculous things people were trying to auction off on Britney Spears' hairbrush. Or a piece of gum chewed by Justin Timberlake.

My mom took things a step further and decided to sell our family. For $15.

She called it "Family for sale" and included a whole description that I wish I could dig up somewhere. It went something like this:

FAMILY FOR SALE! For someone who has no family or no family near-by, be included in our family! We will send you: 
-A Christmas Card
-A Birthday Card
-An Easter Card
-Homemade cookies mailed to your doorstep
-Your face photoshopped into our family photo

I remember the day she told us..."Guys! I put our family on ebay!"


She said something like "Some lonely person out there is just going to be thrilled to have a family!...that's not actually a real family." ...followed by laughs.

Honestly, I'm not sure if my siblings and I really had much to say.

Good new is we didn't sell. And now I have a great story. A story that I didn't really think was all that funny until YEARS later when I realized how cool my mom actually is.

Thanks for teaching me to not take life too seriously mom! I hope I grow up to be as hilarious as you!

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