Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas Decor

It seems kind of silly to talk about Christmas decor after sharing about God's grace in my life last week. Decorating seems so minimal.

But I guess this is just another example of His grace. He provides and I get to enjoy a unique creative outlet! Thank you Jesus!

I have probably spent less than $50 on absolutely every piece of Christmas decor we have. Mostly because I went thrifting in August last year and bought everything Christmas they had. But seriously.

If I don't say anything about it, then assume it was thrifted. Because it probably was.

So. Here we go. Living Room!

Isn't it clean? You guys are all shocked because it doesn't look like this anymore.

Well, it actually did. Until today when I spent 2 hours cleaning. Someone give me a trophy.

I made these snow globes last year using old mason jars, tiny things from train sets and fake snow. Easy, cheap and cute!

The peacock wreath is new from Michael's. It was about $9 on sale. It's really modern and I just love it!

And Trent thinks it's weird.

Trent picked out our stockings. "I want the biggest sock they have so it can be stuffed with presents."

The owls have transitioned from Fall to Winter!

The vases, candleholder and candle are from my mother-in-law. The greenery is thrifted.

Gracie is also thrifted. Just kidding. She was a rescue dog though, so kinda.

This is her favorite spot. Seriously.

I got a gigantic bag of greenery and red berries at a garage sale for free this summer. It's actually from the same garage sale we got this side table made into dog bed.

In case you are wondering, Gracie still won't go in. She did knock down her family photo though. Degrading little twit.

Pine cone twigs are from Hobby Lobby.

Not a whole lot new with the 'ol hutch.

Skinnest santa ever. He probably hates cookies.

The antlers are actually from a buck my boss shot. I said he should use them to decorate his house. He said I was crazy and gave them to me.

Santa was a gift. Candle we have had for a while.

Trent said he avoids looking at the chalk board because the "a" is crooked.


Talked about the ornament window sill in this post.

Some Christmas touches on our porch! Trees were $5/each last year at Cargo Largo. Wreath was $5 from Michael's.

The basket on the back of the bike is full of dead plants, so you really shouldn't give me too much credit for being cute.

Last is Gracie's doggie bowl collage. She has a tiny, sequin stocking and a little sign that she picked out herself.

Just kidding. I picked it out, but I knew she would love it.

Also notice the new addition to her wall: a tiny cross. Because she loves Jesus.

And clearly she needs redemption because she has eaten at least 15 chapsticks this season. Most of which were pulled out of my purse.

I thought it would be funny to take a picture of her sitting by her Be Naughty sign. Here is how that turned out...

Merry early Christmas!


  1. I just found your blog!
    I have been looking for gray curtains for so long! I love yours, will you share where you found them?

    1. Thank you! They are the brand "Waverly" and were a gift from my mother in law. I think they are pretty expensive, but we got them discounted at a home decorating store called "Tuesday Morning".


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