Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Life Update

Wowee the holiday festivities have begun! I wasn't expecting to have such little time to blog. Around this time last year, I didn't even have a blog!

In the past month I've started so many posts that I never got around to finishing. Annoying! I try to not get discouraged if I don't find time to write. If I try to follow a blogging schedule I get stressed because it feels like a chore that never ends.

So instead, I choose to fly by the seat of my pants and blog whenever I think something up. And sometimes I just don't think.


This week I got to travel to Charlotte, North Carolina for work. My boss got the stomach flu the night before we left, so guess who had to run the multi-million dollar meeting? THIS GIRL!

No joke. Multi-millions.

Luckily a coworker was with me to set up the 550 POUNDS OF SHOES we brought from our Kansas office. Literally thousands of shoes. It turned out to be an awesome meeting and I enjoyed meeting our clients in person.

I would love to show you guys some of our company's development this season (I'm so proud of it!) but because the companies we develop for are so well known (Walmart, Kohl's, etc), I have to be careful about what I write. We work a full year in advance, so the shoes we're working on this season won't hit stores until Fall 2014. I can't wait to see all our hard work on the shelves! I'll share with you soon!

Before my business trip this week I got to spend time with my family in Kansas City over Thanksgiving! My baby nephew, Palmer, sported a plush turkey hat for the occassion :-)

Cutest baby ever.

Trent and I went to 2 Thanksgivings and competed on most desserts eaten in 1 sitting. It wasn't an official competition, but it was an unspoken one....and we won.

I got to see all my siblings! I love being around Melody, Ruth, Micah and Caleb. Especially all at the same time :-) So much laughing! So glad to see my parents and in-laws too!

We've got all our Christmas decor up which I hope to share with you soon. You can find my window pane ornament holder HERE, if you missed it. I've shared a few things on my instagram too, if you would prefer to follow there. I've still got an advent calendar to finish and an elf on the shelf to hide in sneaky places :-) I haven't been home to muster up some mischief with him yet! (The elf, not Trent)

This weekend we get to hang out with friends, YoungLife family and next weekend our friend Gaylemarie comes to town to visit us! Woo hoo!

So much to be thankful for. Thank you Jesus for blessing I don't deserve.

I was going to end this post with a quick PhotoBooth pic of me and Gracie. Andddd this is how that turned out. She is the worst. I just couldn't stop laughing.


 Mischievous Gracie?!

Good enough.

Hope you had a happy Thanksgiving! :-)

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